As usual, outlaws went on the rampage and ruled the roost in Sialkot district and snatched or stole three cars, 10 motorcycles, gold ornaments, cash, electronics and other valuables during several strikes on Sunday.

However, the police remained failed in chalking out any effective anti-crime strategy to control the rising and uncontrolled incidents of street crimes, motorcycles lifting and robbery incidents which are on the rise in tehsils Sialkot, Daska, Sambrial and Pasrur nowadays.

Local people said that the police had miserably failed to control the rising incidents of motorcycles snatching and thefts. They alleged that the police had left them at the mercy of criminals, as there was no let-up in rising street crimes. In Daska city, the motorcycles lifters took away five more bikes from various parts of Daska city. They took away a new motorcycle of Muhammad Naveed from Lodhi Town Daska backside of the Daska Civil Hospital.

They also took away a motorcycle (STM-7742) of local trader Mian Yaqub Ahmed outside his home in Daska city’s congested Sambrial Road locality. Thieves stole a new motorcycle of local trader Muhammad Nazir Basra outside the offices of Daska TMA. Thieves took away a new motorcycle of Muhallah Raiwala Daska Kalan-based youth Saffiyan Butt outside a private hospital located at College Road Daska city.

Thieves stole a motorcycle (STL-6597) of village Taajokey Cheema-Daska-based student Waqas Ahmed outside of a snooker club located at Addah Aadamkey Cheema. In village Kotli Said Mir-Sialkot, two armed dacoits snatched a new car from landlord Shahid by kidnapping the landlord, his mother and sister. He was going to local private hospital, when the accused halted his car by creating pickets on the roads. The accused kidnapped all of them and took them to village Nole Mor-Uggoki. Later, the outlaws threw them near the roadside fields and took away their car.

In Hajipura-Jinnah Town, three armed dacoits snatched Rs86,000 in cash and mobile phone from trader Muhammad Naeem. Three robbers snatched a motorcycle, Rs41,000 in cash and a mobile phone from another trader Muhammad Naveed at gunpoint during a broad daylight dacoity incident occurred on Roras Road here.

In village Nihaaney Garh-Head Marala, thieves took away a motorcycle of shopkeeper Muhammad Hussain. Two unknown armed dacoits snatched a motorcycle and thousands of rupees in cash at gun point from farmer Muhammad Ashraf at village Kaaliyaan-Phalora, Pasrur tehsil. In village Garar-Qila Kalarwala, four armed men snatched Rs150,000 and two mobile phones from trader Waqar Aslam.

In Gala Masjid Sadiqia locality of Daska city, armed men looted 10 tolas of gold ornaments and Rs40,000 in cash at gunpoint from the house of trader Irfan Ali. In village Jandukey Goraya, Daska, thieves took away a car (LED-8863) of landlord Zulfiqar Ali.

In village Kotli Kheerey-Satrah, Daska, armed dacoits snatched a car (LZD-9417), thousands of rupees in cash and a mobile phone at gunpoint from a local trader Muhammad Akbar. In village Satrah-Daska, some unknown armed dacoits snatched a pick-up (LES-1145), Rs170,000 in cash and mobile phone at gunpoint from trader Muhammad Arshad. In village Bhobhangi-Motra, robbers snatched gold ornaments (10 Tolas), Rs35,000 and two mobile phones from Faheem Anwar and his wife. In Islampura Daska city, thieves took away a motorcycle (GAK-8228) of trader Hafiz Muhammad Iqbal outside of his house.

When contacted, the local senior police officials said that the police have registered separate cases and said that teams were raiding various places to ensure early arrest of outlaws. They said that the noose had been further tightened around criminals.