We presume it’s time to congratulate Pakistani Taliban and their imbedded supporters in political parties and media on their consistency and a big heart to offer another chance at ‘Peace Talks’ even after they have killed scores of soldiers and civilians in last few weeks. Obviously this offer is coming from a position of strength, we should all know that the Taliban are very successful. After killing 20 soldiers last Sunday, another six on Monday morning, they have renewed the offer for talks which should lead to enforcement of Shariah in the country. Their spokesman insisted that demand for Shariah can’t be suppressed by force and soon they would lead the parliament for this purpose. Isn’t it time for Pakistani State, the army and our general public to say ‘enough is enough’. In my opinion if we are unable or unwilling to take action due to whatever reason, then we should seek help from international forum, not that UNO has done anything to save any Muslim country. I think it is time the Pakistani nation woke up and took measures into their own hands and came on one page and decided what kind of future they wanted for Pakistan.


Saudi Arab, January 20.