ISLAMABAD - Welcoming the announcement of Taliban negotiating team as a positive development, Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan said on Sunday the government would decide its way forward after consultations.

He minister said there were still some issues that needed to be explained after which the dialogue might start formally.

In a statement issued here, the minister said, “It is a matter of great satisfaction that both the sides have announced their negotiating teams after many years and this reflects that the two sides want to make peace through negotiations and dialogue”.

He said the committee, announced by the government, had been given full mandate and authority to hold dialogue. However, it still needs to be explained what is the mandate and powers of the committee, formed by the other side and how far they would follow the decisions of their committee.

Nisar said the government would decide its way forward and announce after having consultation with Prime Minister Sharif, on his return on Monday.

He expressed his thanks to the renowned Ulema who had raised their voices for peace in the region, and assured to take forward the matters under their guidance.

He acknowledged the role of Ulema for evolving consensus between both the sides for peace in the region, ending the bloodshed going on for years.

Nisar appealed to religious scholars from all school of thoughts to get united and guide the government at the very critical stage of the country.

The minister said this was a very complex process and the political leadership; as well religious leaders had to play their role to make the peace process successful.