KARACHI - WWF-Pakistan in collaboration with Horlicks Pakistan organised a Nature Carnival at PAF Museum on Sunday.

The Nature Carnival had over 150 stalls set-up by schools, colleges and universities which attracted up to 30,000 individuals from various walks of life.

The main competition revolved around 3D models set up by students of schools and universities. Expert judges including foresters, conservationists, and environmental historians amongst others graded the 3D models.

Families, corporate and academia representatives including Principals attended the carnival. Participants were engaged in eco-friendly games, puppet shows, lucky draw and other activities set up by WWF-Pakistan including pin the tail on the snow leopard, thematic art competitions and several others.

Chief Guest at the event was famous Pakistani drama and film actress Atiqa Odho. She said that each and every one of us should start taking care of things we need for our survival including forests, water and all our natural resources so that we can give a thriving planet to our children and their children. She urged that spreading environmental awareness among youth is need of the hour and concerted efforts are required in this regard.

Speaking on the occasion, Anwar Nasim, Senior Director, Corporate Relations stated that the Nature Carnival is an awareness raising event which has become a permanent feature of Pakistan’s major schools and across cities. The carnival aims at changing attitudes of the masses to become environment friendly for a sustainable future. The carnival has brought about a visible change in the mindset of individuals across the county which is reflected in students efforts and understanding of environmental concepts.

While Dr Ejaz Ahmed, Senior Director, WWF-Pakistan said that the Nature Carnival brings decision makers from public and private institutionsto a common platform to recognize their roles and responsibilities in providing solutions for national and global ecological challenges.

Rab Nawaz, Regional Director, WWF-Pakistan noted that the features of the Nature Carnival has mass appeal, thus attracting media which serves as a vital tool in spreading awareness about scarce natural resources. Moreover, it helps link humans to nature. Identifying our individual roles in a sustainable future is the key to a progressive and well balanced society.

Schools and governments from the private and public sector competed for trophies and cash prizes from WWF-Pakistan and Horlicks.

Themes included benefits of trees, green neighborhood, environment management systems, illegal hunting, watershed management, disaster management and many other environment oriented themes. Prizes were awarded to Dawood Public School, Habib Public School, Defense Authority Model School, Beacon House School System and others for their outstanding performance.

 Various non-governmental organisations including Pakistan Animal Welfare Society, Bezaban Animal Care Trust, Health and Nutrition Development Society (HANDS), Manzil Educational Organisation and Animal Medical Centre set up promotional stalls donated by WWF-Pakistan at the Carnival. 

Horlicks supports environment education activities and believes that healthy individuals will lead to a healthy Pakistan.