Several deserving and intelligent students have been denied admission into Aitchison College since the year 2013, when the administration suddenly decided to reduce the age limit, for the entrance test into Class-II by about six months. Previously, the age limit was six plus but with the cut in age limit, under six children are being forced to take the test, a year earlier, than the previous schedule. The age difference between a child born on 1st November, 2009 and a child born January, 2010 is only two months, but the former child has to take the entrance test for Class-II in June, 2015 and the latter child in June, 2016. This certainly is not fair.

My grandson, who turned five on 22nd October, 2014 is a victim of the new age limit policy. He, like many of his other class fellows, has had to miss a full year of kindergarten schooling and shifted to Class-I for preparation, doing a crash course, in order to take the entrance test in June, 2015 instead of June, 2016 according to the previous age limit. He goes to school at 7.30 am and has to go for tuition soon after having lunch and doing his school homework. On returning home at about 6.30pm he is extremely exhausted and disturbed. So much pressure at such a tender age is uncalled for. The College administration found it an easy way to reduce the number of students by cutting down the age limit but it has been very damaging for students who are having to take the test in 2015 instead of 2016.

In the year 2013 about 122 students were admitted to Class-II, as against 250 previously. In 2014 only 67 students were admitted according to the list put up. When contacted the Principal boasted and declared that children with less than 50% marks achieved were not admitted. Obviously when underage children are being forced to take the test, they are unable to get high grades. I would like to requested that the age limit for entrance test, for Class-II may kindly be reverted back to the previous age group, so that children of a certain age, who have the ability of passing should not be denied their right. I request the Principal, the Board of Governors and the Governor himself to look into the matter.


Lahore, January 31.