If you are enrolled in a university, value the moments. You don’t know the innumerable times every person reminisces over their university life after it’s done with. When you bunked your first lecture, the nicknames you as a group came up with, the due assignments that made you stay up at night and even the examination hall with your friends’ puzzled faces, will be forever in your memory box. Here are some of the things every Pakistani University student can relate to:

1.       Proxy

When your friend calls or leaves a text, saying that he/she won’t be able to make to the class and the burden of the proxy merely lies on your shoulder. It makes you feel like a gladiator going to war especially if your teacher is a formidable foe in the proxy war.


2.       Bunking

Remember those days, when you just felt like your conversation with your best friend or group is much more important than whatever goes on in your classroom that day? Hence, you decide to not take ‘just-this-lecture’. It was bad luck if the teacher sees you walking down the corridor when you were hoping he would imagine that you were down with some seasonal flu.


3.       Theeta

That one class fellow, who is aspiring to replace the teacher one day, is so fully ignorant of the feelings of the rest of the class. Here is how you diagnose the ‘theeta syndrome’: the nerd aka ‘theeta’ would ask the teacher questions about the lecture, when the class has ended or is about to. The ‘theeta’ would make sure to remind your teacher about the quiz or test that he/she forgot calling for the wrath of the class.


4.       The unspoken spot

All your mates know the spot where all of you sit down and chill. The only place in the entire world where you know if any of your friends were free and alive, they will gather. The spot is unknown to other class fellows it is just between your friends. Seasonal spots may vary.


5.       Paper conversations

Paper conversations are when your teacher is deceived into believing that everyone is taking notes, when actually your friend is sharing the detail about his crush, or a funny story that they heard from another friend. Ah! That simple life.

It never ends here. It’s horrific when your teacher starts walking towards you and you destroy the evidence super quick.

6.     GPA- choka

The GPA is an unknown element of the university life until the semester or the program ends. Then the hunger games start for a ‘choka’.

7.       Bus Point

The universities have their own bus points and that is where all the kitty parties and socialites of the university gather.


8.       Ragging

There are seniors like vultures waiting to rip your integrity apart. It might not happen to everyone but most of us fall prey to them. But karma exists, trust me you will grow up to be a vulture and will love it. 

9.    Hostel life

If you are a hostelite, or if you have a hostelite friend, your life is comparatively easier than the others. You get up and walk to the campus every time something exciting is happening. If you have a hostelite friend you get to be an uninvited guest several times a week.

10.   Pictures

We all love taking pictures and it’s not weird at all when you’re at your university. Nobody will call you vain or self obsessed if you take one too many selfies of yourself, because you are cool no matter what happens. And even if you are not, you and your friends have not grown up enough to realize that.