A Punjab minister said that more than 200 brick kilns have been sealed and over 350 kiln owners arrested on the charge of child labour .

Minister Cooperative Malik Iqbal Channar said that children working on their brick kilns have been arrested and cases against them have been registered in their respective police stations. In Bahawalpur Division, cases against 55 brick kiln owners have been registered, he said.

Talking to a delegation at his residence, an MPA said children are the future of the nation and providing improved education is a national responsibility that is why the government is taking strict actions against the brick kilns where children are employed. He said that getting the work done from children on the brick kilns is a crime. He added that throughout the Punjab, raids are being conducted on the brick kilns.

Provincial Minister said that the Punjab government was providing a Rs1,000 per month scholarship, free books, stationary and uniform to the children who are being enrolled in schools. He added that on enrolling the children to the school, each family will be provided with Rs2,000 rupees; and if they ensure attendance of their children in school, further Rs2,000 will be given to them. He said that parents should urge their children to get education so that they spend their life in a better way.