Lahore - A delegation of Hong Kong Businessmen headed by Lai Man Chan Anthony visited the Pakistan Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong Lahore office Honorary Director of The Pakistan Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong Khawaja Khawar Rashid welcomed the delegation and apprised them about the pivotal role of The Pakistan Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong to promote trade and industry in Lahore and elsewhere in Pakistan and abroad. He informed them about the bilateral trade potential between Pakistan and Hong Kong and stressed upon exploring further business possibilities. He informed that the aim of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong was to promote, develop and encourage business and friendly relations between the business and industrial communities of two countries and to stimulate investment from Hong Kong to Pakistan through extensive interaction. Delegation leader Lai Man Chan Anthony highlighted that Pakistan and Hong Kong had been enjoying historically excellent relations, however the interaction in economic sphere was not commensurate with its immense potential. He said Pak-Hong Kong trade relations could be exponentially advanced through joint ventures and investment co-operation

He said that Pakistan Chamber in Hong Kong marks an important milestone in the business relations between Pakistan and Hong Kong , which historically carry a great potential for stronger commercial connectivity between these two countries.

He said that through various platforms, the chamber would help strengthen links between Pakistan and Hong Kong at the business-to-business and people-to-people levels. On the said occasion an MOU was signed between The Pakistan Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong and Hong Kong Businessmen Delegation for enhancement of trade and economic relations and cooperation.

It will also reinforce Hong Kong 's role as a bridge between business sectors in Pakistan and the Mainland of China.He hoped that Pakistan Chamber will promote not just business links between Hong Kong and Pakistan, but also between Pakistan and the rest of the country, which is a slightly bigger market than Hong Kong .