The National Accountability Bureau Multan arrested three alleged outlaws involved in fraud worth Rs160 million at HBL, Islamic Banking Branch (Saddr), here on Tuesday.

According to spokesperson for NAB Ahmed Mumtaz Bajwa on Tuesday, the alleged outlaw Taha Muhammad Ali was working as Relationship Manager in the bank. Through fraud, he used to deprived some account-holders of their amounts. He used to transfer amounts to the accounts of his friends namely Aslam Pervaiz and Khalid Mehmood Jafari and then he transferred amounts from other accounts to the affected person’s account. He used to give impression that the amounts have been submitted in the affected persons accounts.

The HBL Administration sought help from NAB after financial affairs in the branch got worsened. The alleged outlaws were faced with misappropriation charges to the tune of Rs160 million. During investigation by NAB, the allegations proved true. NAB investigation officer Ali Arsalan Haider arrested the outlaws. However, the NAB officials were also investigating some other characters in the case, said the release. The arrested outlaws would be produce before Accountability Court on Wednesday (today).