I wish to invite your attention regarding implementation of multi sectoral nutrition strategies in Pakistan along with appropriate budgetary allocations for nutrition. Malnutrition is a serious challenge in Pakistan but at the same time, Pakistan has adopted multi sectoral approach for nutrition in order to combating with malnutrition. The multi sectoral nutrition strategy is vital in contributing for sustainable development goals regarding ending hunger, achieving food security and improved nutrition in Pakistan. Rationally and realistically, we have an approved multi sectoral nutrition strategy in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Punjab and Sindh and Baluchistan, it helps us to divert our efforts and attentions for the implementation strategies, allocation of budget and serious actions by each sector including in education, food department, agriculture, water and sanitation and department of health.

Electronic and print media may highlight the importance of having an approved multi sectoral nutrition strategies and budgetary allocations for nutrition. Citizens should continue to advocate for implementation of the nutrition strategies and budgetary allocation for nutrition in Pakistan. Citizens should raise demands and highlight implementation gaps regarding the multi sectoral nutrition strategy.

We call for action our government, international donor organizations, UN agencies, civil society partners to take the following actions for ensuring citiens center monitoring and reporting of multi sectoral nutrition strategies immplementation Gaps. We urge that citizens must be engage directly with the services provider institutions at the facility level through Citizens Based Monitoring Systems and other oversight processes and particularly ‘demand-side’ accountability processes. We urge for capacity building of LHWs and CMWs on mobilization, counselling and advocacy skills for undertaking empowerment and accountability interventions at the facility level and district level. There must have citizens’ response and facilitation centres at the facility level and district level. So that citizens would be able to get efficient responses and feedback in response to feedback given to services providers for improving services. We urge for the decentralization and establishment of “Grievances Redress Mechanisms” at he facility level to district level should be ensure by the department of health, RMNCH department and anticipated health authorites. Citizens must have access to health watch dashboard which is managed by Punjab information technology board(PITB) under the transparency and right to information act 2013.


Rajanpur, February 1.