LAHORE - Opposition member Sardar Waqas Hassan Moakkal yesterday moved a resolution for debate in the Punjab Assembly against ban on the Tableeghi Ijtima (preaching congregations) in educational institutions.

The member also moved another resolution to support Kashmiris in the occupied valley and express solidarity with them in their struggle for right to determination.

Waqas said the tableeghi ijtima were above sectarianism and they preached anti-terrorism sentiments and peace in the society. “They do not speak on controversies,” said the MPA, adding “they (Tableeghi) were serving religion within four walls all over the world.”

Referring to Raiwind ijtima, the mover said, this congregation has revolutionised the lives of millions on positive notes. “Restriction on Tableeghi Ijtima is beyond any logic and the same has likelihood of fomenting religious sentiments if continued.”