“I am Noor Jehan because I worked hard to become Noor Jehan. I do not owe it to anyone, least of all men. If a woman works, what does she get at the end of the day? The only peace she knows is within the four walls of her home. Who can work harder than I have? And what peace, I ask you, have I known? Once the husband realizes his wife can earn more than him, he begins to hate her. He wants her to be dependent on him. Only if a woman is entirely dependent on her husband, can she hope to make a home.”

– Madam Noor Jehanquoted in the bookVoyages of Body and Soul: Selected Female Icons of India and Beyond.

Noor Jehan captures the essence of the Sub-continent male in this powerful quote. Though things are changing now, ever so slowly, this ideology remains largely fixated in place still. Apart from being extremely celebrated for her voice, talent and music she was a feminist in a time when not many were allowed the space to be one, and an inspiration to women everywhere.