KARACHI: PIA domestic and international flight operations came to a standstill across the country today due to the ongoing strike of its employers.

The ongoing protests and strikes disrupted more than 100 flights during the last 24 hours, causing millions of rupees losses to the already cash-strapped and loss-generating national flag carrier.

On the second day, employees of the national flag carrier boycotted work in different cities including Karachi, Lahore and Rawalpindi following the death of their two colleagues in a gunfire in Karachi during a protest rally on Tuesday.

The employers also offered funeral prayers of their deceased co-workers in absentia in various cities and vowed to continue their protest unless the presidential ordinance for privatisation of the PIA was withdrawn.

A total of 27 flights in Rawalpindi, 29 in Lahore 29 and six in Karachi could not take off due to the ongoing protests. Flights from Sakhar, Multan, Bahawalpur, Gilgit, and Chitral were also suspended. While taking benefits of the strike, private airlines have increased fares exponentially, charging double fares from the passengers.

The Civil Aviation Authority has failed to keep a check on private flight operators, who were fleecing frantic passengers, who try to catch a flight to reach their destinations.