The demolition of hundreds of shops and stalls on Rajana Road and grain market Pirmahal on Tuesday drew ire of the political parties who condemned it by describing it as anti-masses operation.

PPP leader Rana Muhammad Jamil, PTI leader Advocate Mian Akhtar Javed, JI leader Rana Ghulam Abbas, Pirmahal MC councillors - Aslam Mujahid, Malik Kokab Rashid and Hafiz Obaid Arshad led a protest rally held to condemned the operation carried out by the TMA.

It is to be noted that the TMA demolished decades-old hundreds of shops and stalls on Rajana Road and in grain market Pirmahal.

Addressing participants of the protest rally, they blamed that on one side decades-old stalls and shops in grain market had been bulldozed and on the other, land grabbers allegedly belonging to the ruling party are constructing stalls outside the grain market.

The rally started from Pirmahal grain market and the protesters marched up to Allah Hu Chowk.

They warned that if alternate state land is not allotted to the affected shopkeepers within two days, they would set up a protest camp at Malik Chowk in Pirmahal. They also demanded compensation for the loss incurred by the affectees, threatening that they would be constrained to launch a massive protest if the government fails to accept their demands.