Islamabad (PR) - Roots Millennium Schools hosted the Millennium Turk Fest 2016 here at Millennium Campus I-9/3 yesterday.

Representatives from the leading Turkish universities - Gediz University, IPEK University, Zirve University, Antalya University, Meliksah University, TurgutOzal University, Orhangazi University, Fatih University, Suleman Sah University and Canik Basari University - attended the Turk Fest, says a press release issued here yesterday.

Millennium Campus Principal Ayesha Ansar welcomed the distinguished guests from Turkey and highlighted the importance of organising Turk Fest for college students.

Representatives from the Turkish universities interacted with the students throughout the day and discussed higher education opportunities, subjects and facilities offered there.

Secretary General Pak-Turk Businessmen Association (PTBA) Taner Kocyigit appreciated this initiative by Roots Millennium Schools as it would result in further promoting the deep rooted cultural, social, religious and educational ties between the two countries.

Roots Millennium Schools’ Chief Executive and National Career Counsellor Chaudhry Faisal Mushtaq (TI) thanked the guests for rendering their support and commitment to empower the youth through education, collaboration and partnership that reflects the enduring support by the Turkish government.

The fest celebrated the strong friendship and promotion of bilateral education between our colleges in Pakistan and universities in Turkey to endorsing cultural, religious and geopolitical links between the two countries.

RCI Millennium Campus I-9/3, Islamabad has played a vital role in promoting diversity, social change, innovation in curriculum and content, entrepreneurship, career counselling, global outreach, beyond the border collaborations.Millennium Turk Fest is the next step for providing students with an international platform to get first hands information about the leading Turkish Universities from their own representatives.

Organised by the highly motivated Millennials, the vision behind this Fest was to focus on furthering the mutual goal of bilateral education between the two countries and to encourage excellence in academics, entrepreneurship and youth leadership.