Phase IV CC has number of vacant plots awaiting construction. One of such plots is 354 on the back of my house No. 455-CC. The vacant plot is littered with debris and thieves climb the wall of my house at the back and go up the stairway to the top where servant quarters are located without any hindrance. It is requested to clear the vacant plot with dirt piled up near the wall in the back of my house making it easy for the night thieves to climb the wall. Sometimes back the DHA bulldozers used to level the plots and remove bricks and litter of completed houses in the surroundings but this practice has been discontinued and empty plots are becoming a nuisance for inmates being used for toilets by labourers and house servants with nasty smell wafting in the back of houses which are being used by inmates.

It is requested that DHA authorities may wake up to keep the environment clean and discourage thieves from climbing back walls from empty neglected plots. This is bringing a bad name to claimed modern housing and ideal living of DHA which is known to be best in Pakistan famous for clean and safe living conditions.


Lahore, January 22.