After the International Climate change Summit and Heart of Asia Ministerial Conference , the ground breaking ceremony of TAPI gas line project is another positive development towards enhancing bilateral and regional ties among Pakistan, India, Afghanistan and Turkmenistan. It is assessed that this project will usher another era of regional prosperity and will prove a game changer in the region. This project will help Pakistan to meet its shortage of gas and it will provide a channel to CARs to reach to warm waters of Arabian Sea.

The prospects of this project are many and multiple but the completion of this$ 10 billion project by the end of 2018 is a big challenge for the signatory countries due to volatile bilateral relations between India and Pakistan and Pakistan and Afghanistan. Though these countries are taking interest in resolving the bilateral issues through dialogue yet the history of relations between these countries show that any irresponsible attitude can sabotage the whole process of bilateralism. Pakistan always aspire to regional peace but India’s stubbornness always comes in the way.

Before TAPI project, Pakistan was highly interested in IPI pipeline but due to US this project met its doom. Since TAPI project is considered as an alternate to IPI gas pipeline project, the leaders of signatory countries should work with sincerity for its completion to meet the energy crisis.


Lahore, December 14.