“Every time you are able to find some humour in a difficult situation, you win.”

–Avinash Wandre

Amidst all the tension surrounding Kashmir, all the incidences of bloodshed and violence there is one that catches the eye of the common man; the time when Pakistani hackers blocked the communication and breached the network protocols of Jammu Air Traffic Control (JATC) only to play patriotic songs like ‘DilDil Pakistan’ in the cockpits of Indian planes in the final stage of landing making it not the most conventional form of fighting off opposition in the modern day and age.

This was not only done once but it has been reported by senior Indian pilots that they are frequently forced to listen to such songs which become a source of agitation and confusion for a period of time until they contact the Northern Control in Udhampur which then re-establishes communication with the JATC by sending an alternative frequency to the pilots. Often during times of conflict and war, such incidences put some humour into a tense situation although through general mockery and provocation, but however funny it may be, there is a general concern of similar small unusual acts that can prove to be irritants to cause greater resentment.