The Orange Line train will be at your service soon. Billions are being spent to bring you such facilities. To be more specific, a poor elderly woman enters Jinnah Hospital, suffering from a lung disease, with hope that her disease would be cured. Hospital management warmly greet her and offer her a cold floor instead of a bed. She, eventually, gets struck with high and passes away in a couple of hours. A committee is constituted next to probe the cause of the death. 

Is it justified? If you have issues with it, speak up and say no and instead demand what you want. Demand the same education, the same health care facilities, the same social security nets and equal access to the justice system. Raise your voice and put forward your demands. Ask them to write in the constitution of Pakistan that every MNA, MPA, Public office holder equivalent to grade 18 or above will teach their children in government schools, will get treatment from government hospitals and will not live luxurious lives. 

Wake up and say no to the unjust treatment you are getting. Wake up and break the chains of slavery. Wake up! For the sake of your coming generations. Please wake up! 


Lahore, January 3.