Islamabad - The latest song of the film Azad, Tehriye Hazoor, has been released.

The song is beautifully penned down by Schumaila Hussain who is also the singer and composer of the song. The music of the song is produced by Kamran Akhter. The song is a dance number of the film and shows an edgy side to each character. The song features Rehan Sheikh grooving with singer Schmuaila Hussain along with Salman Shahid on saxophone.

‘Tehriye Hazoor’ is sure to make people dance and will rule the music charts in the coming weeks. Azad, written and directed by Rehan Sheikh, is set to release across cinemas in Pakistan on February 9.

The film stars Salman Shahid, Rehan Sheikh, Sanam Saeed, Sabreen Hisbani, Nimra Bucha, Ajlal Shah and Jawad Rana. The music is composed by Abbas Ali Khan and Taimoor Mirza, and features singers Abbas Ali Khan, Humaira Ejaz, Arieb Azhar and Shumaila Hussain. The film is an offbeat comedy drama with a hint of satire and a love story at its core. The makers of the film are calling it as a step towards independent cinema of Pakistan with less commercial elements and more focus on conventional style of storytelling.