Non-interference in the internal affairs of a state is an essential principle of international law and relations. However, states do not follow its strict observance, especially, if they hold a perception of another state as the enemy. India has been engaged in subversive activities against Pakistan’s interest within and without Pakistan. Efforts to create a hostile front on Pakistan’s western border or trying to lure Baloch separatists through any mean are few to mention. The arrest of Kulbhushan Jadhav on March 3, 2016, revealed that the Indian national was involved in attempts of destabilising Pakistan and that he was a Naval Officer. However, India repeatedly rejected any such claims.

However, one of the most respectable magazines of India, Frontline, has finally admitted India’s role in subversive activities against the interest of Pakistan in the region. Before, another publication The Quint was forced to pull a report from its website that had exposed Jadhav as an agent of Research and Analysis Wing (RAW). A second report confirming Jadhav as Indian Naval officer involved in covert operations in Pakistan gives credence to Islamabad's position that India through one mean or other is trying to create chaos and disorder in its territories.

India’s claim before the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to stop his execution on the grounds that he was a retired naval officer weakens significantly by the report published in the magazine Frontline. India needs to stop pretending that Pakistan has convicted Jadhav wrongfully and that he’s innocent.

The Indian state not only wants to embarrass Islamabad for its war against Baloch separatists but also actively tries to persuade the international community that just like Balochistan is Pakistan’s internal matter, Kashmir also falls under Indian jurisdiction. However, New Delhi’s attempting to destabilise Islamabad and challenging Islamabad’s sovereignty through its covert operations have been exposed by one of the most reputable Indian publishing house. Modi needs to give a read to the story in the Frontline before accusing Pakistan of sponsoring terrorism in the region next time.