KABUL - The Afghan president has slammed Pakistan, blaming it for a wave of massive deadly attacks that have ravaged his nation recently and saying that Islamabad harbours the Taliban.

Ashraf Ghani insisted in a speech to the nation on Friday that the “centre of Taliban terrorism is in Pakistan” and demanded that the authorities in the neighbouring country “show some concrete action to rid their territory of insurgents.”

Ghani spoke in a televised address, flanked by Afghanistan’s top Islamic clerics.

He also urged those among the Taliban who wanted to talk peace with the government to separate themselves from those who want only to fight. "We are waiting for Pakistan to act," Ghani said.

"The attack is not against our men, women or children but against the Afghan nation and it requires a national, comprehensive response," Ghani said, adding that security officials would present a new security plan for Kabul on Sunday.

Ghani said 11 arrests had been made and a complete list of individuals Kabul believed to be behind the attacks as well as the networks that supported them had been given to Pakistani authorities.

But it was unclear what steps would be taken to improve the last major security plan in Kabul, which established a string of extra checkpoints and heavy vehicle controls after a truck bomb killed 150 people in the city last May.

Ghani vowed to take revenge for the bloodshed. "People will not forget. Even if it takes a hundred years, the Afghans will take their revenge," Ghani said.