GUJRANWALA - All efforts of conspirators had failed to prove corruption charges against Nawaz Sharif, Maryam Nawaz said, addressing a social media workers convention here Friday.

She said Nawaz Sharif was the only politician who was struggling for the supremacy of democracy and the rule of law in the country. “Nobody can minus the person that you plus; conspirators should know that the people of Pakistan are the source of the prime minister's strength. Is there any court to call Musharraf? Has any court courage to award sentence to Imran Khan who also involved in abusing the courts?” she said. “As per my father’s ideology, two, three or five people cannot impose their decision on 200 million people. The people’s elected leader has been thrown out of office, which is an insult to voters,” she held.

She said: “We had carried the flag for the restoration of the judiciary. It is now time for us to carry the flag for the restoration of justice. Nawaz Sharif who made Pakistan an atomic power, laid a network of roads and launched the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor cannot be "disqualified.” She added he was trying to lead the country to the path of progress, but certain quarters had issues with him and did not want Pakistan to develop.

Maryam asked the audience to promise they would not allow anyone to insult the ballot and disgrace the mandate given by them.

Maryam Nawaz criticised the judiciary for issuing contempt of court notices to the party leaders, saying people are penalised for speaking against the judiciary, but there were no punishments for those who ridicule the parliament.

“If we ask questions, we are charged with contempt of court, these factions (judiciary) don’t know that Nawaz Sharif’s supporters are strong enough to deal with anything,” Maryam said.

“Prisons will run short of space, but the number of Nawaz Sharif’s followers will not diminish,” said Maryam, questioning the disqualification of Nehal Hashmi.

She went on to say the “anti-judiciary” speech of Nehal Hashmi disappointed her as well as. She, however, expressed reservations over the contempt notices issued to Talal Chaudhry and Daniyal Aziz.

About the disqualification of Nawaz, she said, “The court operating on vengeance has not been able to find witnesses against the disqualified premier in the corruption references.”

She further questioned the language used by the judges in the Panama case verdict. She said, “Nawaz who bagged millions of votes was labelled as Godfather by the court. Wherever Nawaz Sharif goes, people follow him.”

Maryam said their opponents had thought the Senate elections, scheduled for March 3, would not be held. She stated the PML-N opponents had started crying as Senate elections were nearing.

“The opposition that was expecting split in the Sharif family has been disappointed as nothing of this sort has happened,” she averred.

Earlier, Maryam Nawaz was warmly welcomed by the party leaders and workers on her arrival in Gujranwala. A charged crowd of PML-N workers, mostly youth, greeted Maryam at her first visit to the city.



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