ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Railways has assembled five locomotives of 3000 Horse Power (HP) at its Risalpur factory during the last five years.

An expenditure of Rs 1760.229 million had incurred on manufacturing of these locomotives, a senior official of the Railways said.

He said the Pakistan Locomotives Factory Risalpur has also carried out overhauling of 85 locomotives during the period under review.

Besides new manufacturing and major repair of Diesel Electric Locomotives, he said the factory was continuously engaged in manufacturing of various kinds of diesel engine spare-parts like Gear Cases, Shafts, Coupling, Fuel Tank, Water Tank, Cow Catchers, Equalizer Beams, Brake Levers, Push Rods, Footsteps, Flanges, Superstructure's doors, Hatch Covers, Air Compressor Shafts, Sand boxes, and in repair of Elastic Coupling, Bogies, rewinding of different types of motors.

Pakistan Railways has recently completed rehabilitation of 27 HGMU locomotives of 3000 HP at Mughalpura Workshop Lahore under the Public Sector Development Programme with an expenditure of Rs 6540.211 million, which enhanced their life for further 15 years.