OKARA-During operations conducted under National Action Plan (NAP), the district police arrested 32 members of six gangs involved in robbery, dacoity and theft incidents during the month of January.

The police also recovered cattle, motorcycle, and cash worth Rs4.8 million and delivered them to the owners.

Eight cases were registered for renting out abode without informing police, one case was registered in lieu to sensitive fixtures and sites. 296 proclaimed offenders of which 88 POs were of A category, and 213 POs were of B category, were arrested. 57 court absconders were nabbed. 88 illegal weapon cases were registered. 6 rifle, 6 guns, 1 revolver, 76 pistols, 2 carbines, 2 Kalashnikovs, 370 bullets were recovered. 117 cases of narcotics were registered and 17.4kg of charas, 2082 bottles of liquor, 9 running breweries, 1.4kg of opium were recovered. 7 cases were registered against gamblers.

Woman gives birth to triplets

A woman, wife of a taxi driver, gave birth to three children in Abdul Sher Ghazi village near Depalpur here on Saturday. The children included two boys and a girl.

The mother, Sadia Bibi, and the children were stated to be quite healthy. The couple had two children earlier, and the number of family members has risen to seven now. The village people had been visiting the family with felicitations on the birth of three children.


A man died and couple got injured in collision between two motorcycles. Near village 39/3R this morning two speedy motorcycles uncontrollably collided against one another.

The one bike rider Dildar Ahmad died on the spot, whereas Khalil Ahmad and his wife Sumera Bibi on the bike got severely injured and were rushed to the hospital.