Syrian forces have been consistently involved in anti-terrorist operations, chasing and eliminating remnants of the Daesh terrorist group.

A group of eight terrorists linked to Daesh* was eliminated during a Syrian army operation in the desert of Palmyra in the Homs countryside, SANA reported.

The Syrian army raid was aimed at clearing the al-Heil and al-Mazrouka hills of Daesh hideouts. Along with a ‘boots-on-the ground' operation conducted by Syrian infantry units, air support was provided, according to SANA.

The Syrian media outlet report noted that an army unit succeeded in preventing terrorist infiltration from positions toward the Hama northern countryside. 

The mission led to the death of eight terrorists, injuring four and the seizure of weapons, explosive belts, communication devices and other objects in Daesh possession.

In a video provided by SANA, the trophies of the Syrian army in their fight against Daesh were revealed.

Syria has been in a state of civil war since 2011 with government forces fighting numerous armed opposition groups as well as militant and terrorist organizations.