IBA Karachi, Saaya Health join hands


KARACHI : The Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Karachi has launched its new partnership with Saaya Health.

Together, they will provide Online Mental Health Counselling services to IBA’s student body, as well as its staff and faculty. The IBA, Karachi launched its mental health counselling department over a year ago. Given the overwhelming response from students, and the demonstrated need for such services, the IBA took the step to supplement its existing services with Saaya Health’s solution. Students will login to Saaya Health’s exclusive online portal for the IBA, and schedule live video counselling sessions with Saaya Health’s dedicated team of mental health counsellors.

The online feature of Saaya Health gives students the option to access counselling from their home or university, and it offers them a greater range of time slots to choose from beyond the usual 9am-5pm. Research has shown that online counselling is just as effective as in person counselling. The exception is when there are crisis cases that require immediate intervention. For such cases students will be referred to in person professionals.

“Stress is a part of our lives. We must equip our students with the right tools to manage stress. Their well-being and their success is dependent on it,” said Director Human Resources Mashooque Bhatti, about the value of such initiatives at the launch event held at IBA’s main campus. The event consisted of an interactive workshop led by Saaya Health’s Co-founder, Alizeh Valjee, which focused on various techniques for stress management. It was attended by IBA’s students, staff and faculty, and involved them speaking about their individual experiences with stress.



NBP Funds inaugurates new Islamic Savings Center


KARACHI : NBP Fund Management Limited (NBP Funds) has inaugurated its 20th Islamic Savings Center at Block H, North Nazimabad, Karachi.

On the occasion, Dr Amjad Waheed, CEO NBP Funds, stated that North Nazimabad investors now have an opportunity to invest and save for their own retirement and children’s education and wedding. He also mentioned that mutual funds play an important role in improving savings and investment rates of the country which are at present very low.


LUMS hosts annual career fair 2019

LAHORE : The Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) hosted its Annual Career Fair on February 2, 2019 to connect its students with prospective employers and introduce them to a myriad of job and internship opportunities offered by various public and private sector organisations.

Being held for ten consecutive years, the Annual Career Fair, this year welcomed over a 100 national and international reputed organisations, representing multiple industries. Every organisation had setup a recruiter’s booth to conduct on-spot screening interviews, collect resumes and engage with the students. The company representatives also counselled the students regarding their career choices and the job market requirements.

Commenting on the occasion, the LUMS Vice Chancellor, Dr. Arshad Ahmad said, “As Lahore celebrates another blessed season of marriages, LUMS hosts the Career Fair as its signature, milestone event for both students and employers. It is an exciting networking event showcasing reputable local, national and international companies as well as outstanding students from LUMS who learn about internship and full-time positions to explore future career opportunities. Employers recruit the best talent in Pakistan while our students consider life-changing prospects. This year around 100 organisations from multiple sectors are participating in the Career Fair. We are very fortunate to have our recruiting partners collaborate with our LUMS Career Services Office to make this event more successful than ever before.”

The fair has consistently grown, in terms of both students and prospective employer attendance and this year was no exception as the event provided the employers an opportunity to engage with a large pool of talented students while enabling the students to scout prestigious employment opportunities.