ISLAMABAD - In order to streamline the promotion of civil servants, the federal government has issued notifications of High Powered Selection Board and Central Selection Board meetings and also directed all the ministries and departments to take necessary actions in this regard, The Nation has learnt.

The federal government has issued a notification with the subject: “schedule for holding the meeting of High Powered Selection Board and Central Selection Board”. It further said: “It is directed to refer the above subject and to state that promotion of the civil servant is made in accordance with Civil Servants Act, 1973 and rules made there under as well as Revised Promotion Policy,2017 amended from time to time on the recommendations of respective Selection Boards/Committees.

In order to streamline, the promotion of civil servants, the competent authority has been pleased to approve the schedule of first round of HPSB meeting in 2nd week of March and second round in 2nd week of September and first round of CSB in 3rd week of April and second round in 3rd week of October of meetings for each calendar year.”

Prime Minister Imran Khan had chaired the first HSPB meeting in December 2018 and approved the promotion of over 33 officers of grade-21 of different Services groups to next grade and similarly the first meeting of CSB in incumbent government was held in first week of January and federal government had also issued the notifications of promotion of more than 200 officers of grade-19 and 20 of different services groups to next grads last week.

PTI has announced in its election campaign that it will bring reforms for resolving the issues of bureaucracy and it starts to follow its commitment in this regard.

Interestingly, outgoing PM Nawaz Sharif only chaired three to four HSPB and four CSB meetings in his last tenure.

According to services rules, the meeting of HSPB and CSB meeting should be held after every six months.

A senior civil servant appreciated the government’s step and said there is a need to streamline the issues of bureaucracy and all civil servants desire to get their promotions on time.