Gorakh Hills station is considered as the Murree of Sindh and is the highest and place in Sindh. If properly maintained it can attract thousands of tourist nationally and internationally for excursions.

It can become a great source of revenue generation for Sindh, but unfortunately no such serious steps have so far been to improve and develop it. In order to develop the area, five or three star hotels can be constructed, new roads can be carpeted and most importantly the law and order situation can be improved so that people may travel to Gorkah Hill station without any fear. One astonishing factor is that Government of Sindh had established an authority viz Gorakh Hills Development Authority way back in 2008 for its adornment and maintenance and heavy budget is also allocated to the authority.

However, where the budget is being spent is still questionable because no significant improvements have been made in the area. The concerned authorities should seriously look into this matter to make Gorakh Hills station an attractive spot for tourists.


Karachi, January 18.