Lahore - Fawad Chaudhry has realised that the PTI government’s days are numbered after losing all credibility among Pakistanis, therefore, he has started looking for his next job opportunity elsewhere, said PML-N central spokesperson Marriyum Aurangzeb here Saturday.

Reacting to his statement, she asked Fawad Chaudhry to tell the people of Pakistan that the so-called austerity-loving PM was using the same cars that Nawaz Sharif was using. She asked the information minister to address the grave crisis of thousands of working journalist being laid off and deprived of legal perks and privileges.

She said that such statements coming from the information minister were no surprise as he was the inventor of Rs 55/ km helicopter fare from Bani Gala to PM House.

Marriyum claimed that the hypocrisy and cosmetics of PTI government were nauseating as the electricity and gas expenditure of prime minister’s residence was now twice as much as the previous PM house, but he is not willing to live there and save public money just for populist circus. The national debt has jumped to 25 billion dollars and foreign debt had touched 100 billion dollars yet the PTI was still ranting about petty issues that the prime minister pays his own bill, she said.

The PML-N leader said that people of Pakistan could not afford basic medicines because of the gift of price hike by PTI, however, the people should thank the prime minister for saving them by traveling on the super fuel efficient helicopter in national interest.

“The disconnected prime minister only knows despicable showboating by going barefoot to Madinah all while stepping on and crushing the dreams of millions to visit Madinah by withdrawing all subsidies from Haj,” she said.

She said that never mind there was no sign of five million houses for poor and 10 million jobs for the needy, the PTI government was happy that unemployed Fawad Chaudhry finally found a job and Imran Khan could finally legalise his illegal Bani Gala property.

Instead of their ubiquitously preposterous rants, it’s time for the government to tell when will 300 billion dollar laundered money be returned to the country? she questioned.

The former minister information said that in the past five months, the entire nation had been forced down the pit of hopelessness, dejection and uncertainty by the disastrous failure of the PTI government.

The prime minister conveniently gifted insane subsidies to his blue eyed industrialists while stealing the subsidies from the honest middle class’ Haj aspirants. PTI did not even abstain from robbing the people from their dream of visiting Makkah and Madinah, she added. This government has dumped historic burden of taxes, extreme utility tariffs on the people of Pakistan who have rejected PTI and are extremely fed up of this government, she concluded.