KARACHI                     -             Ehsas, Kamyab Jawan pro­grammes, Naya Pakistan Hous­ing Scheme, Model Langer Kha­na, shelter homes, Billion Tree Tsunami project, Clean Green Pakistan Index, and better for­eign policy and measures for the protection and welfare of the minorities were among major achievements of the PTI govern­ment, said Central Vice Presi­dent of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Haleem Adil Shaikh on Sunday. Shaikh, who is also the parliamentary leader in Sindh Assembly, said this while ad­dressing a press conference here at the Insaf House - the provin­cial headquarters of PTI.

He said the PTI government had performed commendably well. “An organised campaign is being run in the country spread­ing disinformation among the people against the government. The recent Transparency Inter­national report was continuity of this process,” he said, and added, the PTI government had cleared the mess created over last thirty years and put the country on the right track, leading to progress and prosperity.

He said Prime Minister Imran Khan was very hard on the cor­rupt and plunderers of the na­tional wealth, and no one could escape the accountability.

He said Rs100 billion was al­located for the loans to be pro­vided to the youth intending to start their businesses and this entire amount would be rightly used. “Rs 30 billion were allocat­ed for skill development among youth and Rs190 for Ehsas Pro­gramme, and “Kafalat” cards are being given to seven million poor women. This card did not bear picture of any other politi­cian, but of Father of the Nation Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah. This was tax money of the people but used for creating vote bank of the particular party.

Prime Minister Imran Khan did not consider it appropriate to paste his photo on these cards. Shaikh advised Pakistan Peo­ple’s Party leadership to come up with another income support card using their personal money, if they loved to have their leader Benazir Bhutto’s picture on such cards. “The PTI government is also taking care of four million women covered by Benazir In­come Support Programme,” he added. PTI Central Vice Presi­dent said the people were facing inflation because of loans taken and corruption of the past rul­ers. “The foreign investment has increased by 236 percent and stock market is doing great,” Shaikh said, and added over the last three months, The Moody’s had ranked Pakistan as a stable economy from the negative one stamped earlier.

During the last fiscal year, the current account deficit had come down by 35 percent and over last five months, it had been reduced further. “In the last five months, fiscal deficit was in surplus and trade deficit has also reduced. Tax collection, investment and remittances are increasing,” he said. “The Asian Development Bank, recognising the improve­ment in economic macro-eco­nomic indicators of Pakistan, has increased its financial sup­port programme by three billion dollars,” the PTI leader added. He said the government was going to launch Pakistan Housing Scheme for the low income classes, and a big number of the poor was get­ting free and quality food under Ehsas and Sylani Lunger Schemes. Shaikh said Prime Minister Imran Khan was also to be credited with introducing the concept of shelter homes, which had been set up in different areas of the country.

Haleem Adil Shaikh said in order to cope with the increas­ing air pollution, tree plantation programme had been launched in the country, under which ten billion saplings would be plant­ed. He said the PTI government had also registered big achieve­ments on diplomatic fronts, which included strengthen­ing of Pakistan’s relations with Iran, United States, Chi­na, Afghanistan, Turkey and Saudi Arabia. “Saudi Arabia has also been convinced to invest in projects under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).