During the WW2, Sir Winston Churchill used media as informational warfare weapon to unveiled atrocities and oppressions of Nazi German Forces and expand it into entire world. That was the first use of media as strategic weapon of warfare and later in 9/11, during the truce of “war on terror”, when United States preached its policy to the world and attain hegemonic geopolitical power in region by using media as weapon of new informational warfare.

Adopting the hegemonic method of superpowers, the surge and emerging of new media houses in the world, every country is establishing and investing in media, which could represent the narrative of country’s policy on certain issue. India is using its media against Pakistan to counter its diplomatic success and mutilate Pakistan’s efforts in FATF, as well as, cover state back terrorism in entire held Kashmir with prosperity and development. While Pakistan’s progress in not sufficient in digital era to counter Indian influence. Indeed, Pakistan has only one state owned English news channel which is not much popular among nation due to lack of management and govt. involvement.

Recently, Imran Khan expressed an idea in his oration at united nation platform that, with the collaboration of Turkey and Malaysia, an English news channel planned to launch to spread the Muslims narrative and scrub the label of “Islamic terrorism” on Muslims. No doubt, it is a great initiative. As of now, Imran khan must proceed swiftly for Turkey-Malaysia-Pakistan news channel and rebuilt the structure of state owned channel with talented and passionate anchors and analysts from politics and defense sector. This process will counter Indian aggression towards Pakistan and also will help to raise Pakistan’s voice throughout the world.