LAHORE               -              The Pakistan Railways failed to improve the trains schedule badly disturbed for the last several months across the country. According to the PR inquiry office on Sunday, arrival and departure of several trains remained upset like 2-Dn Khyber Mail was 3 hour late than the given schedule, 6-Dn Green Line Express train was 5 hour late, 7-Up Tezgam 1:30 hours late, 10-Dn Allama Iqbal Express 1 hour, 12-Dn Hazara Express 1:30 hours while 13-Up Awam Express was 2:20 hours late. Similarly, 17-Up Millat Express was 3 hours late, 27-Up Shalimar Express train was 2 hours, 39-Up Jaffar Express 1:40 hours, 43-Up Shah Hussain Express 2 hours, 44-Dn Shah Hussain Express 5:50 hours 45-Up Pakistan Express 3:50 hours, whereas, 48-Dn Rehman Baba Express was 4 hours late. However, the PR spokesperson told this scribe on contact that a few trains are late due to fogy season, otherwise all trains were running as per schedule.