KARACHI - City Government's 1339 toll free Citizen Complaint Information Centre (CCIC), established at its head office, is unique in a sense that all civic problems of citizens come into the direct notice of City Nazim, DCO, MD KWSB, KBCA and the town nazims through IT system, sources told The Nation on Friday. The sources claimed that all problems were being resolved within 24-72 hours after checking and counter-checking at a supervising system established at the City Nazim's Secretariat. So far, more than 10 million complaints have been registered through toll free system and they do not belong to any big development project but relate to water supply, sanitation, health, education and sewerage. City Nazim Mustafa Kamal claimed the toll free Citizens Complaint Centre is unique and such type of system has never been established in any big city in the region to resolve people's problems through latest technology. The system works round-the-clock and call agents in each town receive the complaints and put them into software system designed for this purpose. The locally designed high-tech software system has been installed in the offices of City Nazim, DCO, heads of KWSB and the KBCA and all town nazims to keep them aware about the problems and difficulties faced by the citizens. The 140 million costly CCIS system is functioning 24 hours and all the departments of CDGK including KBCA, KWSB and others are linked with the system. In the second phase, 178 UCs of the city will be linked with the system, sources said. The CCIS system has the facility to receive 25 calls at a time and 50 call agents are being hired to operate this system. The principle part of this centre is a monitoring team which has not been the employee of city government. It contacts the complainer on his number and ensures that his complaint has been resolved. Sources added the IT technology has proved very useful in resolving the civic problems. It not only saves time, energy and manpower but also resolves complains of the citizens in time. Rasheed Jamal, a local citizen, said that due to this system all problems came into the knowledge of city nazim Mustafa Kamal and citizens living in far flung localities such as Malir, Korangi, Landhi, Baldia Town, Organi, Gaddap, Kemari and Bin Qasim Town were being benefited from the 1339 toll free complaint centre without any difficulty. He added that the registered complaints of citizens are referred to the UCs, towns, CDGK departments for immediate redressal. Later, counter checking system confirms that problem is resolved or not. In case of failure, further action is taken to resolve the problem, Rasheed Jamal concluded.