LONDON - The British Foreign & Commonwealth Office on Friday contradicted the reports alleging that the UK has been blocking action at the UN Security Council to secure a ceasefire in Gaza. The FCO spokesman in a statement issued here said: "The Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Foreign Secretary David Miliband have publicly and privately called for an immediate ceasefire. We are at the centre of efforts to halt the violence and secure urgent humanitarian assistance. We are in close contact with the United States, our EU partners, and Governments in the region, including, among others, those of Israel, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan". The spokesman said that the UK is working for action by the UN Security Council to deliver a resolution that will command broad support and so deliver our primary goal of an immediate and sustainable ceasefire. He said that Britain support the Arab League's efforts towards a UN Security Council Resolution. To be effective, any resolution must be one that will command broad support and that demands an end to Hamas rocket attacks against Israeli civilians as well as an end to Israeli military action in Gaza. It is wrong to suggest that Britain would block action towards a permanent ceasefire. We have not and are not doing so, he added. Britain's Department for International Development is immediately making available $10 million to help address humanitarian needs in Gaza, Secretary of State Douglas Alexander announced yesterday. This will help meet urgent needs, such as food and fuel, as well as other humanitarian requirements as detailed assessments become available. British Minister Douglas Alexander said: "Aid is desperately needed in Gaza. The human cost of this conflict is unacceptable and the humanitarian situation is getting worse by the hour. Thousands are suffering. Medical items are in short supply. Fuel shortages have led to power cuts which in turn are affecting hospitals and other essential services. And UN stocks of food are very low. The limited aid that is getting through cannot be distributed properly because of bombing from the air and rocket attacks launched from inside Gaza. The fighting must stop to enable humanitarian agencies to help people in desperate need".