CELEBRITIES have joined human rights campaigners to call on US President-elect Barack Obama to speak up against the Israeli bombardment of the Gaza Strip. Singer Annie Lennox and former model Bianca Jagger both made passionate pleas for an end to the bloodshed. Former Mayor of London Ken Livingstone and the comedian Alexei Sayle also added their support to the campaign to end the violence. Speaking at a press conference in central London, Jagger said: "I would like to make an appeal to president elect Obama to speak up. "People throughout the world were hopeful when he was elected and we must appeal to him to ask for the immediate cessation of the bombardment of the civilian population in the Gaza Strip." The press conference was called ahead of a demonstration tomorrow that is expected to see thousands of people rally along the Embankment in London before marching to Trafalgar Square to demand an immediate end to the Israeli attacks. " ITN