ISLAMABAD - The Advisory Committee of PML-Q in its meeting on Friday resolved to retain its individual identity while advising the Chaudhry brothers to avoid forming any alliance with PPP which, according to them, is swiftly turning out to be a 'sinking ship'. Sources told TheNation that Senator Salim Saifullah suggested in the meeting that PML-Q leadership should take initiative to mend its sour relations with PML-N. "Saifullah asked the party leaders to take first step in this regard and there is no harm if Q-Leaders call on the Sharif brothers to melt the ice", said the sources, adding that most of the members opposed the idea and said that it would be inappropriate to behave in this manner but endorsed the plan of getting closer to PML-N. As per sources, Ijaz-ul-Haq criticized the party's top brass for having meeting with PPP's Punjab Governor. "Chaudhrys in response said that they had not invited Salman Taseer but he himself had visited their home and it was simply unethical to close doors to a guest", said the sources. TheNation also learnt that most of the participants in the meeting held the opinion that decision of forging an alliance either with PPP or PML-N should be taken with consensus and PML-Q leaders must avoid developing individual contacts with other parties, as it would badly damage the party's unity in the coming days. According to the sources, Haroon Paracha, former MNA and the member of PML-Q's advisory body said in the meeting that it was last tenure of PPP, therefore, PML-Q should not go for an alliance with a 'sinking ship'. The sources also added that the party leaders advised the PML-Q's central command to be open for negotiations with both PPP and PML-N while retaining its separate identity. Later on, while addressing a press briefing, PML-Q's President Chaudhary Shujaat Hussain said that their party would keep its identity intact and continue issue-based politics without joining the ruling coalition. "The PML-Q would not lose its identity rather continue playing positive role for betterment of the country and its people while sitting on the opposition benches," said Shujaat. He also said that despite being in opposition, not even a single leader of PML-N had defected from it. He repelled the impression that the country was going to meet mid-term elections further saying, "Pakistan cannot afford them". Brushing aside the impression of rift within PML-Q, he said the party leadership was united and would make all-out efforts to get rid of problems confronting the nation including power and gas shortage and inflation. Answering a question, he said the long hours power outage in the country is due to non-payment of dues by the government to the IPPs and it resultantly forcing businessmen to close industry and reduce business activities in the country apart from disrupting the routine life. Commenting on the statement of Talal Bugti, Shujaat said that he had been calling on late Akbar Bugti for more than twenty years but he had never seen Talal Bugti with him. Mushahid Hussain Sayed said that the meeting had unanimously passed a resolution to express solidarity with Palestinians and condemn Israeli attacks against Hamas on Gaza. He said through the resolution, PML-Q had also stressed that Pakistan's government should adopt a firm and bold stance against Israeli policies. Syed further said that in the advisory committee meeting, a strategy was chalked out to make the party more vibrant while underscoring the fact that the PML-Q had presence in all the four provinces. Former chief minister Punjab Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi denied that he had held a meeting, either in Dubai or in a plane, with PML-N Quaid Mian Nawaz Sharif. He said that PML-Q is not contacting other parties rather other political parties are approaching it for making alliance. He also alleged that PML-Q workers were being victimized politically in Punjab. "As many as 50 fake FIRs have been registered against our party activists", Elahi claimed. He also said that an FIR against his son, Moonis Elahi, had been lodged on the nod of Punjab Chief Minister, Shahbaz Sharif. "Sharif brothers have not learnt any lesson from their eight years exile and are involved in witch hunting", Elahi added.