ISLAMABAD - Owing to closure of most of the CNG stations, consumers are suffering from unpleasant situation as non-availability of gas fuel has halted the commercial activities across the country. The government has approved an increase of 10 per cent in CNG prices and in response, All Pakistan CNG Association (APCA) has threatened to close down CNG stations across the country if the govt fails to withdraw hike in gas tariffs by January 5. Most of the CNG stations were found closed even in the federal capital on Friday, TheNation observed. Haji Siddique, one of the representatives of the APCA, when contacted, told that present increase in gas prices would raise CNG rates up to Rs 50 per kg, which would bring its price closer to that of petrol and diesel. He said APCA would prefer to shut their business to passing burden to the consumers. He was of the view that CNG stations across the country were consuming only 5.6 per cent of the total gas supply and the government's claim that CNG stations were using 20 to 60 per cent of the total supply was false and baseless. He said that loadshedding during winter was due to excessive consumption of gas by the domestic users and not because of CNG stations.