All those who cherish the memory of ZAB and his daughter BB are confused on the first anniversary of her tragic death because many questions remain unanswered. Why hasn't an FIR been lodged by her family members to initiate proceedings against those who were behind the murder? Why hasn't the PPP government proceeded to hold accountable those who had ordered the crime scene to be washed of all forensic evidences? How can the PPP government forge alliances with those involved in October 2007 attack on her procession in Karachi, the very people who refused the PPP plea to lodge an FIR in Karachi's Ferozabad Police Station? And why, indeed, is the PPP government soft on Musharraf, the man she said should be held responsible if anything happens to her? There are scores of other disturbing queries also that confront workers for whom the Mohtarma was a true leader. What has happened to the legacy of Benazir Bhutto? Today various TV channels have shown clips of Musharraf attending Walima ceremony of the daughter of a senior PPP federal minister Mr Wattoo in Lahore. The workers are confused, aggrieved and very disillusioned. -SYED MUZAMMIL, Sukkur, via e-mail, December 26.