ISLAMABAD (APP) - Federal Minister for Water and Power Raja Pervaiz Ashraf said the government has awarded a contract to Turkish company for barge mounted generation of power and it will start generation within next three to four months. Talking to a TV channel, he said the KESC has been privatised and its management has changed. The government has made it clear to them that the new administration will generate power and 700 to 780 MW has been supplied to the corporation to meet its shortfall of 500 MW, he informed. The government has taken notice of the performance of the corporation. It will have to produce electricity and government will take action if it fails to keep the situation under control, he said. He said that the canals have been closed for desilting and hydro power generation is at its lowest level at present. Moreover we are facing 3000 to 3500 MW power shortage. To a question minister said that, "desilting is a routine process in this season. Basically dams are for irrigation purpose and electricity is their byproduct. We are also facing shortage of natural gas." "All the problems have amassed and we are trying to confront with them. We are trying our best to save industry and agriculture from the negative impacts of loadshedding. However this problem will exist up to January 31 and we shall have to face it," he added.