Benazir Bhutto, a great leader and a fighter, laid down her life for the country and her party. As far as the country is concerned, we really honour her for her never-ending struggle. But as far as her party is concerned, it is least bothered about even the probe of her assassination. All her party workers are busy in the plunder and are not unduly bothered by the thought of bringing the real culprits of her murder to justice. One fails to understand what is holding back PPP in this? Is it, by any chance, the NRO? Mr. Zardari cannot blame anyone but himself for delay in investigations, as he is wholly-solely incharge in all affairs of the government these days. If he is still unable to resolve the assassination of BB, it will prove all of those right who insinuate about his complicity with the argument that he is the sole beneficiary of BB's murder. This is a test of his integrity as well as loyalty with BB and her party, a party that he claims as his own today. It is a matter of shame for Mr. Zardari that Mr. Nawaz Sharif is demanding a probe into BB's murder. This reflects poorly on Mr. Zardari's fabled love and affection for BB. -ASMA AHSAN, Islamabad, January 1.