The way the City Police murdered four businessmen from Balochistan just hours before the advent of 2009 and the way police killed a youngster on the new year's eve, it is obvious the police has secured license to kill innocent people and this government did not want to stop this unabated killing spree. This is unfortunate state of affairs and the blame squarely rests on the shoulders of talkative Zulfikar Mirza, the right hand man of President Asif Ali Zardari. There is a genuine feeling among those who know Mirza who seldom cares for the worsening law and order in the metropolis. The new wave is dangerous as city police showed no remorse and claimed those who were killed they fired first at the police party then the police shot them dead in self defence. This is unbelievable and unacceptable. Four young traders from Balochistan were shot dead by police in Karachi. Similarly a young man was killed on the New Year's eve who was coming out of a fast food outlet. The police repeated the similar story and claimed to recover three bottles of whisky from his car. If this is the basis to kill him then I am afraid every second minister in Sindh could become target of such wanton killing. In most of the cases they are religiously involved in fun and frolic and the chief minister seldom bothers to take strict action. Why they use so much booze whenever they manage to secure power is anybody's guess. Apart from this, six citizens lost their lives who were celebrating the New Year in style. This is unpardonable again. The home minister has failed to do his job, this is high time that he learned some tricks of the trade from Wasim Akhtar of the MQM. He was all around on the New Year's eve and he would never allow any illegal acts by anybody. His deep indulgence and keen interest showed results. Why Mirza is not showing that commitment so far. Perhaps he is more interested in the top slot, his close people openly say. If he has any such design, he has to prove his worth as a home minister; indeed some people consider him more powerful than his boss in Sindh but this is unfair and unjustified. Zulfikar Mirza during recent trouble in the city had presented a list of 21 people killed by gunmen of both sides. Sadly he opted to disclose their ethnicity and claimed more people belonging to NWFP were killed than the local fellows. This is not the culture of the PPP, its founder Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and slain leader Benazir Bhutto always abstained from it. People wonder that is Mirza really interested in seeing law and order restored or merely he wanted to make things difficult for his genial boss. There is no apparent justification for any government functionary to talk in ethnic terms, for him all citizens should be equal and their lives should be protected at all cost no matter what language they speak and what religion they follow. This is colossal failure on his part. The Karachi police chief, after a strong protest in Quetta and subsequent strike, suspend the 'killer' police party and ordered an inquiry. This will hardly solve nay problem. City police has become habitual of killing innocent people and getting away with it. Karachi police is notorious in this since the killing of Mir Murtaza Bhutto people tends to fear police more than thugs and outlaws. The police and CPLC chiefs love to make tall claims about their efficiency that is never available to citizens. Wasim Ahmed is a seasoned police officer and he should give result instead of 'acting' on TV channels. He has indeed, every right to be on the screen but only after achieving something concrete. Similarly people watch frequently lectures by the chief Sharafuddin Memon on the crime situation. I thing he should take break from his regular interviews; his main job is to keep the city crime-free and by that time he should avoid his publicity. What is wrong in Sindh's capital and other cities and villages is known to all. It is no secret now. Ministers, advisors and their henchmen and politicians relish total immunity. The law stops where their writ begins. Sindh ministers are not prepared to even abide by traffic laws. They show lawlessness son city streets and claim they rule by their whims. 'This is Karachi, it is not Lahore. They can never touch us,' a top politician told me point blank. 'We are above the law.' This thinking is alarming for all. Sindh chief minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah has to establish his writ in Karachi and elsewhere. Indeed some heads should roll down after what has happened on the new years' eve. Is it a crime to celebrate the New Year? Shah must take concrete actions to create fear of law among his own ministers and then the police will religiously follow and bide by the law. Shah should never trust some members of his own team; they have their own designs. The people know that but perhaps genial Shah does not understand it. This is politics.