LAHORE - Lawyers protesting against the government for not restoring deposed Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry and others, on Friday demanded midterm elections under the supervision of an interim government, set up on the Bangladesh pattern, with Justice Chaudhry as its head. Lawyers in the city continued a token boycott of the courts and held a protest camp at the Lahore High Court Bar under the auspices of Save Judiciary Committee. A number of lawyers gathered at the camp and chanted slogans for the restoration of Justice Chaudhry, release of nuclear scientist Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan and formation of a national government headed by Justice Chaudhry. Chairman of Committee Abdul Rashid Qureshi, secretary Mian Jamil Akhtar, and N A Butt stated on the occasion that the February elections were held as a consequence of the lawyers' movement, but many political parties boycotted the elections, deeming them unfair under the supervision of General Musharraf. This was also the first step towards disownment of Musharraf as president of Pakistan, they added. They said the elections were held in great confusion and bewilderment due to the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, which had made the political atmosphere gloomy and emotional. They said in the wake of elections, Pervez Musharraf quit office, fulfilling the wishes of the parties against him that took part in the elections. But the sitting government, they said, was incapable of tackling the problems faced by the country and its failures were visible to every one. The need of the hour is to hold midterm elections in the country by installing an interim government on the pattern of Bangladesh to supervise the elections. This was the only remedy for thwarting the current crises that had gripped the country, they said. Sardar Abdul Majeed Dogar, Jalil Ahmad Othi, Imtiaz Rashid Qureshi, Azmat Ali Chohan, Mateenul Haq, Yawar Maqbool Malik, Sheikh Abdul Majid, Dilawar Hussain Kahlu, Aziz Ahmad Chaudhry, Muhammad Ashraf Kumma, Nasreen Khattak, Sarfraz Khan, Mehboob Ahmad Chaudhry and Nazir Ahmad Chaudhry, among others, took part in the protest.