LAHORE - Just weeks after taking over as Pakistan Cricket Board's (PCB) director general, Javed Miandad is facing stiff opposition from regional associations because of the his open support for the inclusion of departmental teams in major domestic competitions. According to reports, senior officials representing various regional associations are planning to move a resolution against Miandad in the next meeting of the PCB governing board because they are of the view that he is undermining the importance of the regional set-up established by the previous PCB regime. Miandad, who was himself employed by one of the biggest banks of the country during the best part of his playing career, is a firm believer in having departments - banks and other business houses with cricket teams - playing a role in domestic cricket. He believes that due to Pakistan's economic conditions, it was important to allow business houses in the domestic game as they are the ones who provide employment to first-class cricketers. Departments used to be major players in Pakistan's domestic cricket but that system was changed by former PCB chief Nasim Ashraf, who introduced a region-based system. The previous PCB set-up basically acted upon the suggestions of former Pakistan captain Imran Khan, who has long been campaigning for a region-based domestic set-up. It remains to be seen whether PCB chief Ijaz Butt and the governing board members will officially back Miandad on his plans of reviving departmental cricket. The PCB governing board is likely to meet in Lahore within the next couple of weeks.