LAHORE - The frequent low gas pressure, initiated for the last five days, along with hours-long power outages, have forced the CNG station owners to shut their filling houses, making the life miserable for motorists in the City. Due to drop in gas pressure and supply-cut, majority of the CNG stations in the provincial metropolis have been closed down, forcing vehicle owners to wander from one to another station in search of the commodity. Mohsin, a manger at a CNG station at Mozang Road said that instead of 12 to 16 points gas pressure, CNG stations were getting only 0 to 2 points pressure and that too for a period of maximum four hours. As a result, low pressure was damaging their filling equipment. He observed that the SNGPL increased pressure late at night, a time when no buyer comes to CNG station. All Pakistan CNG Association office-bearers while talking to The Nation said most of the CNG stations in all parts of the City had been closed down due to low pressure and supply-drop. They said that some stations, with the gas pressure comparatively better, were found operating. They added that the situation at Ferozpur Road and Multan Road was also not satisfactory owing to low gas pressure. They said that gas loadshedding was affecting the domestic as well as commercial consumers in the province where the low pressure due to increase in the intensity of winter season had paralysed the routine life and business. They demanded the govt to provide gas to the domestic consumers and CNG stations on priority basis. Mohammad Asad, a resident of Gulberg, said the government needed to explore gas fields in the province, saying it would address people's problems. Meanwhile, Pakistan Industrial and Traders Associations Front (PIAF) has urged govt to save millions of industrial workers from losing their jobs as non-availability of gas and acute shortage of power is causing closure of a large number of industrial units. In a statement issued on Friday, the PIAF Chairman Irfan Qaiser Sheikh said that the government would have to reset its priorities as the present circumstances were forcing the industrialists to close down their business instead of generating a loss f billions of rupees. He said all over the world the industry was given priority but in Pakistan the situation is altogether different.