PESHAWAR - Political authorities said on Friday that supplies to US led NATO forces stationed in Afghanistan were resumed via Khyber Agency after three days when Peshawar-Torkham Highway and the Torkham border were opened for all kinds of traffic. Briefing the media persons on military operation 'Daraghlam' (Here I Come), Political Agent Tariq Hayat Khan claimed successful results in the last four days of the action against the militants and outlaws in Jamrud, Khyber Agency. The briefing was held at the Jamrud Qila (castle). Curfew was relaxed on the fourth day of the operation Daraghlam and Jamrud bazaar was opened from 11 AM to 4 PM. The dwellers of Jamrud who remained indoors for three days thronged to the bazaar and purchased foodstuff and other necessary items, fearing the curfew could again be imposed for an unlimited time. While the Kharkhano Bazaar in Hayatabad remained closed on the fourth consecutive day causing huge losses to the business community, which considered December and January as prime months of their business, particularly for warm clothes, jackets and shoes. Tariq Hayat Khan claimed the arrest of 43 wanted persons out of 70 including influential commanders in the last four days and was hopeful to soon nab the militants and outlaws who were still at large. Besides, he further said troops had destroyed 33 houses of the militants and of those who sheltered or shielded the militants and outlaws. He hinted at the prolongation of the operation when saying that it would continue till the restoration of the government writ and provision of security to the public. To a question about the influential commanders arrested in the operation, Tariq Khan wanted to be excused for not making their names public due to security reasons. The crackdown on unregistered Afghan refugees would continue and the detained refugees would be deported to Afghanistan, he replied to another question. After the briefing, the officials of the political administration put on show the arms and narcotics seized during the operation including anti-aircraft guns, anti-tank rifles and huge quantity of ammunition.