FAISALABAD - PML-N Chief Nawaz Sharif Friday called for holding a special session of the National Assembly to discuss problematic issues like loadshedding and unemployment. Nawaz Sharif underscored the need for halting the blame game between Pakistan and India. "Pakistan carried out five nuclear tests in response to India's tests," he said. Urging peace with India, Nawaz blamed former president Pervez Musharraf for sabotaging the peace process with India. "We were pursuing the course of development in the country, which was not liked by the dictatorship." Addressing a Press conference here, Nawaz said Musharraf should also be summoned to the special session of the NA and asked to explain why such issues were not addressed during his eight-year-long tenure. "The dictatorship that continued in the country for eight years was actually responsible for all these problems," he said, asserting that not even a single power generation unit was installed during his tenure. He lamented over the fact that no one takes serious notice of these issues. Posing questions why did Pervez Musharraf open a new front of confrontation in the shape of Kargil," he maintained that the Indo-Pak issues would have been resolved had this new confrontation not been started. Nawaz Sharif said the flawed policies being pursued by the government have now put the country's integrity at stake and we now depend on others. He stressed that oil prices be slashed in right proportion to the decline in international prices. Agencies add: Calling the situation "bad", the PML-N Quaid said that Pakistan government should try to find a solution to the current situation and also announced his party's support to the government in strengthening the country. The former PM also said that although his party has got major share of the votes from Punjab, their concern rests in the welfare of all Pakistanis.