I would request Pervez Elahi of PML-Q to get rid off his phobia of Sharif brothers. Shahbaz Sharif should also stop this small-mindedness of removing plaques carrying the name of Pervez Elahi from various projects. In the greater interest of the poor of Punjab, they should unite their parties to save Punjab from the pernicious scheming of Messrs Zardari and Taseer. The PPP is presently bargaining with Pervez Elahi who is game too. After all Chaudhries would feel far more comfortable in the company of MQM, ANP and JUI, all the same sort of hypocrites, liars and opportunists. The two Muslim Leagues should realize that the country is in a mess. The global prices of oil, edible oil have gone down by 400-500% but in Pakistan these prices have been decreased only marginally by the PPP government. The economy has been ruined due to incompetent management. Asif Zardari is ruling the roost even in these dismal circumstances only because the two Muslim Leagues do not see eye to eye with each other. The Muslim Leagues should unite to fight for the nation. Only through their unity can we get rid of this despotic ruler. -ZUBAIDA JAMAL, Sargodha, December 27.