KARACHI - A toddler died while three of his family members wounded in a fire which erupted in a house located within the jurisdictions of New Karachi Police Station. The fire was reportedly erupted due to an explosion due to leakage of the gas pipeline in residential quarter of Sajid, a worker of a local garment factory. The house is situated at Katchi Abadi, Ashraf Colony. At the time of incident, all the four members of the family were at home and suffered burn injuries. Sajid, 30, and his one-year old son Anas sustained minor burn injuries but Asma and her two-year-old son Khurram fatally burn injuries and the latter died of the same. They had been shifted to different hospitals. The scores of the residents of the area gathered on the spot and tried to extinguish the fire and rescued people stuck in the burning house. The fire brigade department arrived on the scene and extinguished the fire. The fire broke out when Sajid's wife Asma 25 lit a matchstick to cook food and suddenly the fire broke out in the quarter which engulfed the whole quarter. Inquiry Officer on the spot told this scribe that Asma sustained almost 95 per cent burn injuries and Khurram sustained 70pc injuries. He said the mother received more burn wounds as she struggled to rescue her kids and her condition was said to be the critical.