Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Saturday asked Pakistan to hand over the masterminds behind the November 26 Mumbai terror attack so that they can be tried in India. "War with Pakistan is no solution but Pakistan should hand over the perpetrators of the Mumbai attack for trial in India," the prime minister said at a press conference. Manmohan Singh said the two biggest challenges facing India were "the global slowdown and the menace of terrorism". A day after Defence Minister A K Antony had asked Pakistan to check the terror camps in its territory, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has said that India shall go to any extent to root out terror. "We shall go to any extent to root out terror," he said. "We hope better sense will prevail on the Pakistani leadership to recognise that tackling terrorism is an area that needs cooperation," said Manmohan. The Indian Prime Minister also had a message for the new government in Bangladesh. "We hope the new Bangladesh government will take appropriate steps to ensure that Bangladeshi soil would not be allowed for terrorist activities against India," he said. On Friday, rubbishing Pakistan's "advice" for de-activating ground and air troops in forward areas, India had said that the neighbouring country did not have any right to give any such suggestion and pointed out that 330 terror outfits were still active in that country. Maintaining that India has done no escalation and the armed forces were only doing their duty, Defence Minister A K Antony had said there was "no noticeable change" in the attitude of Pakistan and Indian forces will have to remain alert. "I do not think there is any noticeable change in the attitude of Pakistan. Statements are not important. Actions are important. They have to prove by their action," Defence Minister A K Antony told reporters in New Delhi on Friday on the sidelines of a Defence Ministry function. "More than 330 terrorist outfits are still operating in Pakistan, there is no improvement or any change in attitude," Antony said responding to questions from reporters. To a question on Pakistan's suggestion that India should withdraw ground troops and de-activate forward air bases, he said Islamabad has no right to give any such advice. "Nobody will tell us, after 26/11 we must be prepared to meet any eventuality. It is our duty," he asserted. "Armed forces are doing their duty. They are not escalating anything. They are not doing any power projection. They are doing their duty. They have to be fully prepared to meet any challenge from any quarter, any threat from any quarter," Antony said. "We are not escalating the issues. There is no unusual troop movement on our side. Whatever is taking place, the exercise and others, is normal only," Antony had said, underlining that the Indian troops had to remain alert always.